CHERNE 270-016 1-1/2 TEST BALL

Product #: 97511520180

Weight: 0.2


Test Ball Plug; Item Test Ball Plug; Type Single; Plug/Ball Diameter 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 Inch; Material Natural Rubber; Operation Type Pneumatic; Inflation Valve Type Molded-In Valve; Inflation Valve Connection Threaded; Inflation Pressure 40 PSI; Allowable Test/Back Pressure 13 PSI; Allowable Pressure Head 30 Foot; Inclusions/Features Schrader Valve Inflator with Cap and Core Tightener, Ring and Chain Assembly, Zinc Plated Steel Chain, Ring Handle; Application Sanitary Tee, Test Tee, Floor Drain, DWV System; Deflated Diameter 1.1 Inch

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